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Save trees every time you shop!

Made from sustainable materials

Plastic-free packaging

100% biodegradable

Great quality

Allergy sensitive

BPA free


Trouble-free for plumbing and septic tanks


Strong two-ply paper towels

Trouble-free for plumbing and septic tanks


This awesome tissue paper is sustainably made from sugarcane and bamboo waste, which are really fast-growing and can be farm-harvested on an annual basis. The farming of sugarcane and bamboo has a very low impact and has very few needs other than simple sun and water.

It’s packed completely plastic-free in a combination of cardboard and paper which is 100% biodegradable and recyclable too! This makes it an amazing alternative choice, promoting recycling and better sustainability.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also a great quality paper, which is really nice and soft so you can enjoy it every day! It’s allergy sensitive, with absolutely no inks, fragrances or chlorine bleaching. It’s vegan-friendly, using plant-based glues too.

Bamboo Facial Tissues

  • It takes around 20 to 30 years for forests to grow before they’re cut down for a single-use product. With 27,000 trees being chopped down every day, all this paper severely contributes to deforestation. If trees take over 20 years to grow, but bamboo and sugar cane only take one year, this is a total no brainer!

    In the past tissues made from recycled fibres have been a popular option for lots of eco-warriors, but the roughness of recycled paper can leave a sore nose. Bamboo fibres are soft - meaning Greencane tissues are plush and velvety. 

    Virgin wood paper is bad for the environment and recycled paper is bad for our bodies. This bamboo and sugarcane alternative is much more sustainable, not to mention much more comfortable too!  


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