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The birth of Eco Change NI

The idea of helping others make small eco changes at home has long standing been a conversation in my head, but, with a demanding day job and two lively young girls, it stayed as a conversation that never went further than with myself (and on occasion with Mal). It stepped out of my head, and bothered Mal a whole lot more during lockdown 2020, yes my day job was still demanding, but the notion that not all jobs were as secure as they once seemed, and that any environmental 'news' seemed to get kicked to the kerb started to bother me more and more. Then as 2021 began, lockdown living took hold of the nation, and around the globe, and our annual family backpacking trip cancelled I decided enough chatting in my head about 'what if's' and the research took a step up. We have been adding to our own households eco changes and finding reusable alternatives since having the girls so had some firm favourites to begin with. I have chosen to set up and run the site myself, so it has taken a while to get right (please email me if you find any typos!!). We are excited to work with many companies from Northern Ireland, Ireland and the rest of the U.K to bring you the best, simple eco swaps to your home.


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